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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

This course is designed to allow users to work with Word’s advanced features and includes hands on exercises to help make complex documents more manageable. Learn how to share and collaborate on documents and track document changes.

Setup picture and table captioning, table of contents and cross reference document content. Transfer styles across files with the styles organiser and save team templates in a shared location.


Attendees are required to be familiar with the Word Intermediate content before attending this course.

Course outline

Adding Document Links

  • Adding links to a document
  • Linking to files, websites and email
  • Adding and linking to Bookmarks
  • Linking to document headings

Captioning and Cross-referencing

  • Inserting picture and table captions
  • Creating and updating a table of figures
  • Adding and revising endnotes and footnotes
  • Understanding cross-reference types
  • Creating a cross-reference
  • Marking and inserting a document index

Collaborating on Documents

  • Inserting and viewing comments
  • Navigating through comments
  • Replying to a comment
  • Printing comments

Tracking Changes

  • Tracking changes made to a document
  • Choosing how to view document revisions
  • Accept and reject changes

Comparing Documents

  • Compare two documents
  • Combine changes into a single document
  • Accept and Reject changes

Protecting a Document

  • Restrict opening or editing of documents
  • Defining regions for editing
  • Restricting document formatting

Outline View

  • Collapsing paragraphs with heading styles
  • Managing files with subdocuments
  • Editing and locking subdocuments
  • Sharing subdocuments

Document Themes

  • Standardise document formatting with themes
  • Using a theme to match corporate branding
  • Transferring themes across files

Creating Templates

  • Creating and editing document templates
  • Adding font and heading styles to templates
  • Defining file locations for shared templates
  • Copying Styles across templates and files

Customising the Ribbon

  • Customising ribbon buttons
  • Adding new ribbons
  • Adding buttons to ribbon groups