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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

There are two PowerPoint levels, introduction and advanced. This introduction course focuses on building a presentation from scratch, efficiently inserting lists, tables, pictures, diagrams and charts into slides.

Those attending will learn how to control the look of an entire presentation by using the Slide Master and by using PowerPoint templates and themes.

Because of the useful shortcuts, this course is also suitable for those who are self-taught.


No previous experience of using PowerPoint is required before attending this course.

Course outline

Creating a Presentation

  • Inserting new slides
  • Inserting slides with different layouts
  • Changing slide layouts
  • Creating a presentation from a template

Creating Lists

  • Creating a bulleted paragraph list
  • Creating a numbered paragraph list
  • Editing paragraph lists
  • Controlling a list's formatting
  • Copy formats with the Format Painter

Inserting Pictures and Graphics

  • Inserting pictures from the Web and computer
  • Enhancing inserted pictures
  • Visually communicate information with SmartArt
  • Convert a bulleted list to a graphic
  • Controlling slide shapes

Inserting Tables

  • Using tables to aid slide layout
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Merge and split table cells
  • Changing text direction in cells
  • Formatting tables

Managing Slides

  • Using Slide Sorter view
  • Duplicating slides
  • Reordering slides
  • Copy slides between presentations

Slide Master View

  • Understanding Slide Master View
  • Use Slide Master to control formats
  • Creating a template from a Slide Master

Inserting Charts

  • Use charts to spot trends in data
  • Insert a Pie chart into a slide
  • Insert a Column chart into a slide
  • Adding chart titles
  • Adding Data Labels
  • Change chart types
  • Change a charts formatting

Slide Animations

  • Visually enhance slides with animation
  • Text and object animation
  • Adding animation to lists
  • Making animation work for you

Printing a Presentation

  • Printing slides
  • Working with Print Layouts
  • Printing audience Hand-outs
  • Printer your Speaker Notes

Presenting a Slide Show

  • Confidently run a presentation
  • Using Presenter View
  • Using the Slide Show controls