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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

This course offers an awareness of the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and aims to give attendees the confidence to efficiently create, edit and manage spreadsheets. It introduces calculation writing and gives an understanding of basic mathematical structure.

Build effective graphs and charts to gain a visual representation of table data. Group table data using sort and extract data with filters. Because of the useful shortcuts this course offers, it is also suitable for those who are self-taught.


No previous experience of using Excel is required before attending this course.

Course outline

Create a Table

  • Creating an Excel table from scratch
  • Wrapping text in cells
  • Speed up data entry using AutoFill
  • Sorting columns

Inserting Functions

  • Inserting function calculations
  • Using AutoSum to sum numbers
  • AVERAGE, MAX and MIN functions

Table Rows and Columns

  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Adjust multiple column widths
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns

Formula Writing

  • The basics of formulas writing
  • Understanding mathematical symbols
  • Use multiple math symbols in a formula
  • When to use brackets
  • Troubleshoot calculation errors

Managing Worksheets

  • Managing worksheets
  • Copy a worksheet to another file
  • Copy a table to another sheet

Managing Content Formats

  • Applying data formats
  • Manage number formats
  • Apply formats with the Format Painter

Managing Larger Tables

  • Lock rows with freeze panes
  • Sort on multiple columns
  • Use Filters to extract table data

Table Reporting

  • Running reports with Tables
  • Include Table total rows

Creating and Modifying Charts

  • Creating a Pie chart
  • Creating a Column chart
  • Inserting chart titles and data labels
  • Controlling chart formatting
  • Changing chart types


  • Previewing and printing tables
  • Printing a selection
  • Modifying page orientation and margins
  • Printing to varies paper sizes
  • Scaling down print size

Calculating with Absolute Reference

  • What is an absolute formula?
  • Apply an absolute cell reference
  • Lock cells when copying formulas

Creating PivotTables

  • Create a PivotTable report
  • Modify a PivotTable's layout
  • Filtering PivotTable data
  • Creating PivotCharts