About Online Learning

What is virtual learning?

Online learning is a virtual classroom environment, also known as a webinar, is an online session conducted over the internet using software to present interactive learning and provide live video of the presenter. You can listen and interact with the presenter, and any other participants, in real time. Webinars are frequently used for web conferences, workshops and lectures.

Benefits to virtual learning

Online learning has grown in popularity due to increased costs of travel and facility rental. While many would argue online learning is not as effective as instructor-led classroom training, they have proven to be effective.

How does it work?

We schedule and promote an event, then participants register and pay for the event online. Participants are then emailed a link to access the event from their computers with the joining instructions. Attached is an Excel course file that we will work on during the session.

The simplest way to access audio is through your computer's speakers or headphones and mike. We encourage question asking as a good webinar should be as interactive as possible. A phone number is provided in case you need to access audio through your phone.

How to Join a Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

The Microsoft Teams app allow guests to join an online meeting, even those who don't have the Teams app, are still able to join a meeting (see below).

In order to use Teams, you must first be invited to a meeting, you will then find your invitation in your inbox. Once you accept, an invitation reminder will automatically go into your calendar. When it's time to join the online meeting, follow these steps.

  • You can join a meeting by clicking Join Microsoft Teams Meeting in your invitation email, or your calendar.
  • Enter a guest name (good to know who you are) and click Join.
  • You'll enter a virtual waiting room, the host (that's us) knows you're there and will let you in.
  • You can control your mike and video settings in the control bar near the bottom of your screen.
  • If you don't have a Teams account, follow the above steps, however you will receive a message to allow access to Teams, accept to continue.
  • If you are using a single screen, you can have the training file open on one side, and Teams (where you'll see one off us), on the other. Alternativley use two screens.