Excel Conditional Formatting Webinar

What you will learn

This 2-hour Excel webinar offers an insight into using Conditional Formatting to automatically colour text, numbers and dates in a table, incorporating rules to format content based on conditions.


No previous experience of using Conditional Formatting is required before attending this webinar.

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Price: £82

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By the end of this webinar you will know how to:

  • Use rules to automatically colour text and numbers
  • Use colour formats to display only unique or duplicate values
  • Utilise the Rules Manager to manage Conditional Formatting
  • Copy Conditional Formatting across files with the Format Painter
  • Add Data Bars and Icon Sets to gain a visual representation of values
  • Use a formula to colour table rows based on a value within it
  • Colour only top or bottom ranked numbers - smallest or largest
  • Colour only numbers that are above or below an average number
  • Use the TODAY formula to apply colour to approaching dates