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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

With two Microsoft Visio course, the Introduction course is designed to give attendees a good working knowledge of the Visio basics. You will feel more confident using Visio and be able to create diagrams and charts.

Understand and use some of the built-in drawing and object manipulation functionality, to enable you to progress to creating concise and clear diagrams and charts. Structures that you create will be easier to build, amend, read and be professionally formatted.

Because of the useful shortcuts, this course is also suitable for those who are self-taught. After completing this course, you will be prepared to attend the Visio Advanced course.


No previous experience of using Visio is required before attending this course.

Course outline

Getting Started

  • The Visio drawing window
  • Toolbars
  • Overview of templates
  • Stencils and shapes
  • Change view settings

Drawing Tools

  • Creating new drawings
  • Drawing closed shapes
  • Drawing open shapes
  • Using the freeform tool
  • Draw compound lines
  • Finding stencils and shapes

Creating Basic Diagrams

  • Selection techniques
  • Connecting shapes
  • Moving and deleting shapes
  • Aligning shapes
  • Distributing shapes
  • Rotating shapes
  • Add multiple shapes
  • Grouping shapes

Formatting Shapes

  • Shape formatting
  • Add Text to shapes
  • Formatting text
  • Duplicating shapes
  • Scale and resize Shapes
  • Using themes

Working with Pages

  • Inserting, naming and deleting pages
  • Page and printer setup
  • Creating background pages
  • Inserting Headers and Footers

Building Diagrams

  • Creating organisation charts
  • Modify chart layout
  • Creating a flowchart
  • Create a brainstorming diagram
  • Using the brainstorming outline window