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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

Our Microsoft Visio Advanced course is suitable for those who are familiar with the basic functions and features of Visio. This course is designed for those who wish to advance their current knowledge of Visio and take advantage of the more complex features.

You will be able to create technical layouts, work with flow & fishbone diagrams, and many more advanced diagram types. Understand and use the built-in interoperability between your diagrams and data, such as the database wizard, allowing for much more complexity. Finally, you will learn how to work with more advanced custom shape designs.


Attendees are required to be familiar with the Visio Introduction content before attending this course.

Course outline

Creating Technical Layouts

  • Understanding layers
  • Creating, removing and renaming layers
  • Setting layer properties
  • Controlling shape placement
  • Setting a drawing scale
  • Working with building plan layouts
  • Drawing with precision
  • Using perspective
  • Working with area measurements

Exploring Advanced Diagrams

  • Creating work flow diagrams
  • Creating Fishbone cause and effect type diagrams
  • Using calendars, Gantt and PERT charts
  • Creating easy-to-read maps and route directions

Diagrams and Data

  • Add Shape Data
  • Creating custom properties
  • Generating property reports
  • Import and export Data
  • Working with data sources
  • The database wizard

Advanced Custom Shape Design

  • Creating new shapes
  • Revising existing shapes
  • Lock and protect shapes
  • Creating custom stencils
  • Add shapes to a stencil
  • Saving a stencil