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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

This course focuses on achieving dynamic presentations that work with you, making it easier to deliver a polished, professional presentation. Create custom shows to personalise presentations for individual clients. Make the Slide Master work collectively with slide layouts and themes.

Learn to seamlessly interact with external content using links. Work with advanced animations and transitions, and audio and video tools. Compare and share presentations.


Attendees are required to be familiar with the PowerPoint Introduction content before attending this course.

Course outline

Customising Slide Shows

  • Creating a custom slide show
  • Tailoring presentations for different clients
  • Accessing custom shows while presenting

Adding Sections

  • Adding and removing sections
  • Collapsing and expanding sections
  • Moving slides with sections
  • Using Summary Zoom to create sections

Inserting Comments

  • Using the Comments Pane
  • Adding and replying to comments
  • Navigating comments in a presentation
  • Printing comments

SmartArt, Shapes and Text Boxes

  • Merging shapes
  • Inserting organisation charts
  • Inserting alternating picture blocks
  • Managing SmartArt diagrams
  • Text box properties
  • Smart lookup and translator

Slide Master View and Themes

  • Inserting a Layout slide in Slide Master
  • Saving a Slide Master with themes as a template
  • Adding themes to files

Slide Animations & Transitions

  • Adding animations to lists, charts and diagrams
  • Controlling animation order with the Animation Pane
  • The Animation Painter
  • Running a timeline slide transition
  • The Morph transition

Inserting Media

  • Adding video and audio media
  • Editing video and audio media
  • Adding video bookmarks
  • Choosing a video Poster Frame
  • Adding video with embed code
  • Compressing and optimising media

Further Media Options

  • Screen capturing with Screenshot
  • Recording screen actions with Screen Recording
  • Auto play Screen Recordings
  • Rehearse timings

Linking and Embeding Content

  • Linking an Excel chart to a slide
  • Linking and embeding Excel tables
  • Managing Links in PowerPoint

Further Linking Options

  • Adding, editing, and removing links
  • Linking to slides, files, websites and email
  • Action button links

Importing and Exporting

  • Importing content from Word
  • Re-use slides form other presentations
  • Save a presentation to start in Slide Show view
  • Save a presentation as an MPEG video.

Reviewing and Sharing Presentations

  • Sharing presentations
  • Comparing and combining presentations
  • Presenting with Skype for Business