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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

Understand Microsoft Office object hierarchies and the object browser. Use user defined types, classes and arrays. Work on methods for sharing the UDF. Error handling and Controlling other applications using COM. Defining a user defined function (UDF), and using the function in an Excel workbook.


Delegates should have a thorough working knowledge of Excel and the Windows environment. No previous programming experience is necessary.

Course outline

User Defined Functions

  • Define a user defined function (UDF)
  • Define the arguments to the function
  • Use the function in an Excel workbook

Methods for sharing the UDF

  • Using the personal macro workbook
  • Creating and Add-In
  • Loading the Add-In


  • Adding controls to a Userform
  • Controlling the Userform

The Range Object

  • What is a range object?
  • Different types of range object
  • Useful properties
  • Useful methods

Additional Topics (time allowing)

  • Error handling
  • Controlling other applications using COM automation
  • Accessing data from an external source