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Duration: 1-day

Location: inhouse, online or at our UK locations

What you will learn

This course gives users a better understanding of the components and operations of an Access database. It is designed to further existing users skills and includes building useful action queries to allow greater manipulation of your database.

Enhance forms with the control wizard to quickly access various database components. Run grouped reports to manage layouts and include report calculations.


Attendees are required to be familiar with the Access Introduction content before attending this course.

Course outline

Table Relationship Integrity

  • Identifying relationships
  • Identifying criteria for data integrity
  • Applying referential integrity
  • Managing relationship join types

Table Field Properties

  • Field properties overview
  • Using input mask field
  • Using default value fields
  • Using field validation rules

Query Functions

  • Running aggregate function calculations
  • Running Sum, Average, Count, Max and Min Functions
  • Grouping calculated data

Query Calculations

  • Using query operators and expressions
  • Adding calculated fields to a query
  • Using the query expression builder

Action Queries

  • Creating make table queries
  • Creating append queries
  • Creating update queries
  • Creating delete queries

Designing Forms

  • Adding form controls
  • Aligning and arranging form controls
  • Adding pictures and labels to forms
  • Adding new fields to a form
  • Controlling tab order
  • Adding command buttons
  • Adding a Combo Box control
  • Format data using conditional formatting

Form Expressions (Calculations)

  • Using the form expression builder
  • Working with a form’s property sheet
  • Linking expressions in forms

Working with Reports

  • Creating reports with the report wizard
  • Inserting report fields
  • Formatting fields
  • Inserting report headers and footers
  • Working with a report’s property sheet

Grouped Reports

  • Creating groups with the report wizard
  • Sorting grouped data
  • Grouping alphabetically
  • Grouping on date intervals
  • Creating sub reports
  • Adding calculations to groups

Importing and Exporting Tables

  • Importing tables into Access
  • Exporting tables from Access
  • Importing and linking data in Access